Advanced Stunt Training in Hollywood!

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It has come to the end of the most intense, exciting, fun few weeks of my life!

Since arriving at Rancho Indalo in Southern California, I feel like I have been living in another universe, like on a true American Western movie set.

Home to legendary Hollywood Swordmaster & Action Actor, Anthony De Longis & his wife Mary, the ranch was out of this world.  Complete with horses, training materials galore & a spectacular view like nothing I’ve ever dreamed of, we were made to feel right at home straight away with our hosts’ beautiful hospitality.

Every day was made the most of – up early tending to the horses, helping in the kitchen & preparing for the day’s activities ahead, we were straight into training after breakfast up until the last light of the day, and sometimes also into the twilight.

A mixture of training with Anthony & his assistant instructor Kendall Wells at the ranch & day trips around LA to train with some of the country’s best Stunt Coordinators, there was never a dull moment & sooo much to learn!

Some of the incredible people we trained with include Scott Leva & Bob Yerkes at Bob’s “Backyard Circus” – the “MECCA” of Stunts, Lane Leavitt, Dale Gibson, Tony Snegoff, Matt Anderson & Gregg Sargeant.  Some of the skills we trained include advanced fight & swords/sticks, weapons, firearms, air rams, ratchets, wirework, highfalls & of course, horse stunts – when in Rome!

I have so many new skills to practice & some great footage I am looking forward to going through when I return home to Australia.

As I write this, in a Starbucks overlooking the ocean in lovely Manhattan Beach CA, I am sitting next to legendary Stuntman Eddie Braun, in his home away from home. Of course I introduced myself – we are now buddies! (He made me write that!) Amazing how the universe works.

Feeling super lucky to have met & trained with some serious Stunt Royalty on my trip.  I can’t wait to come back to LA one day!




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