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Meeting a very special RSPCA dog

27th April

This week I popped in to the RSPCA Brisbane Adoption centre to have a few snuggles & chat about the upcoming Adopt A Bull campaign.  Each time I go in to the centre, I like to cuddle as many animals as I can & learn about their story, why they are at the RSPCA, how they got there, things like that.  Any excuse to spend some time with them, playing & having cuddles!

One particular gorgeous boy I met was the handsome “Rubble“.  Rubble is a beautiful Neapolitan Mastiff cross English Staffordshire Bull Terrier who came into care in March.  He was a lost dog found by Council and sadly his owner didn’t come forward to claim him.

Rubble has a marvellous story!  He was recently undergoing his desexing surgery and as fate would have it, he was the perfect blood-type match …

TV Training Australia

1st April

It is an honour to join the team at TV Training Australia as a Media Training Consultant!

The TV Training Academy is a part of TV Training Group Ltd which includes the UK’s leading TV presenter training facility in Pinewood Studios, London, which has operating for over 10 years as a leading platform for presenters working on broadcasts world-wide.

Based out of their Brisbane campus, I look forward to sharing my knowledge & experience with emerging talent, from kids to corporates, absolute beginners to established industry professionals.  The TV Training Academy offers a wide range of courses, check them out here & send me an email if you’d like a discount code to use on one of their courses.


Hosting the Gold Coast Million Paws Walk

1st March

I’m delighted to announce that I will be hosting the Gold Coast’s 2018 RSPCA Million Paws Walk!

Join me to help raise money & awareness for the many animals in need across Australia by heading to the MPW website here & finding a walk location near you!  My gorgeous furry pal Emmett is a seasoned MPW attendee & is again registered to walk proudly with us on the day!  Please show your support for animals that aren’t as fortunate as Emmett & sponsor us for RSPCA’s biggest fundraising event of the year.

On behalf of the 250,000 animals that walk through the RSPCA’s doors each year, we thank you!

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2018

Emmett, by Ian McKenzie