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Clash Royale Episode 1 out now

29th October

At long last, Epic Clash Battles episode 1 is out – it was a blast to play the Musketeer in this webisode for Wicked Gaming & Clash Royale. What a fantastic crew to work with. And check it out – my first Dab!

Watch it here:


3rd September

Well I have played some interesting characters before, but I have to say playing the Musketeer from Clash Royale in an epic battle with the Bandit was pretty crazy!

It was an honour to work with Wicked Gaming on this project, alongside talented actress Lark Lee & the stunt team from the Australian Stunt Academy.   Special thanks to our amazing hair & makeup artist, Beth Wallis, for keeping us in character in the challenging terrain!  We had so much fun filming this & I can’t wait to see the full episode soon.  Check out the trailer just released today!

Advanced Stunt Training in Hollywood!

28th May

It has come to the end of the most intense, exciting, fun few weeks of my life!

Since arriving at Rancho Indalo in Southern California, I feel like I have been living in another universe, like on a true American Western movie set.

Home to legendary Hollywood Swordmaster & Action Actor, Anthony De Longis & his wife Mary, the ranch was out of this world.  Complete with horses, training materials galore & a spectacular view like nothing I’ve ever dreamed of, we were made to feel right at home straight away with our hosts’ beautiful hospitality.

Every day was made the most of – up early tending to the horses, helping in the kitchen & preparing for the day’s activities ahead, we were straight into training after breakfast up until the last light of the day, and sometimes also into the twilight.

A mixture …